Zoe pose

Zoe is an MI High spy and student at Saint Hearts. 


  • Gender: Female
  • Eye Colour: Green
  • Hair Colour: Red
  • Occupation: MI High 
  • Faction: M.I.9
  • Enemy: KORPS
  • First Appearence: The Fall Of SKUL
  • The Last Appearence: The Final Endgame

Biography Edit

Zoe' is a very intelligent girl although she lacks knowledge on the outside world as a result of being kept locked up in S.K.U.L for many years. Also because of her lack of knowledge of the outside world she could seem quite funny at times as said by Dan . In The Hive  another student asks if her parents were robots, not knowing that she was trained to be a weapon. She can also be very curious and at times determined as shown in Inheritence when she leaves the mission to find her sister/clone Kloe. She also seems to easily trust others as shown in The Final Endgame when she trusted Dr Stienberg.


  • Zoe is one of the clones created by The Mastermind . The code on her arm is V.9.5.Z.O.E.6.
  • Zoe is an incredibly skilled combat expert, an expert in several martial arts. Her fighting style emphasises cunning, stealth, psychological warfare, and using her surroundings to her advantage.
  • In The Fall Of SKUL  she was shot by The Grand Master and in Prison Break  she was cut by a security laser in the vents.
  • Her only known clone sisters are Kloe, Keri Summers and Libi, but there are around 80 worldwide.