225px-We Need To Talk About KORTEX

We Need To Talk About KORTEX is the twelfth episode of Series 7 .

Previous: The Problem Probe.

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The MI High team have set up their own agency after being fired from MI9. After many unsatisfying missions and almost quitting the job completely, they get the call they've been waiting for. Edward Lambsbottom, a senior technician at GDHQ (the government's secret listening station), has intercepted a conversation with the Crime Minister. She was discussing KORTEX and that KORPS are planning to assassinate the Deputy Prime Minister. He tried getting this information to MI9 but saw his new boss, Martin Strong, destroying evidence. The MI High team take this information to Frank, who still has a job at MI9, to try and figure out what's going on.


  • This episode orginally aired with The Last Stand in a one hour special.
  • Stella Knight is reading a book, titled The Spy Who Loved Me.
  • This is the second appearence of Mike Stern and the fourth of Hamish Campbell.
  • Keri Summers references when she said "Rogder that" on her first mission in The Mayze .