Tom Tupper is an MI High spy and student at Saint Hearts. 


  • Gender: Male
  • Eye Colour: Brown
  • Hair Colour: Brown
  • Occupation: Spy and student
  • Faction: M.I.9
  • Enemy: KORPS
  • First Appearence: The Fall Of SKUL
  • Last Appearence: The Last Stand


Tom is the technical genius of the group; often creating gadgets to help out the team and hacking into various mainframes to stop KORPS. He was spotted when he hacked into NASA and reprogrammed the Mars rover to write "Tom" on the face of Mars. He may not be much of an field agent, but if the team is on mission he does all he can online. Although in episode 8 Tom shows he's not only on the team as hacker, online gamer, and technical genius but also because of his ideas and creative thinking. 


  • Tom has an IQ of 150.