225px-The Problem Probe

The Problem Probe is the eleventh episode of Series 7 .

Pevious: Sad Men .

Next: We Need To Talk About KORTEX .


Mandy Pluckley, the country's top 'agony aunt', has been abducted by KORPS. She is the sworn confidant of the Prime Minister and he is dependent on her. Without her guidance, he has started to lose his mind and sense of reality. Making matters worse, in three hours, the British Government is holding the Unity Summit which puts every country's defences under a single system. His only permitted aide is Mandy and he team need to find her so that the PM can complete his duties at the Summit. After barely competing their mission, the PM sees their close call as a danger and orders them to be stood down, permanently! Meanwhile at St Heart's, Mrs King is shocked when she receives a letter informing her that a student has complained to the Education Minister about her. She vows to find the culprit no matter what. 


  • This episode ended on a cliffhanger, like Prison Break from the previous series.
  • M.I.9 learns of KORTEX.
  • Mandy does a profile on the Crime Minister.
  • At the end of the episode, MI High is shut down.