225px-The Mayze

The Mayze is the first episode of Series 7 .

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It's a new term at St. Heart's and with Zoe still away, spy handler Frank tasks the team with the mission of tracking down one of Zoe's remaining duplicates, Keri, who is the new intended host of The Mastermind's consciousness. It becomes a race against time to reach Keri first and save her from the clutches of KORPS.


  • The Mayze resembles the Labyrinth, with Keri's video phone being the rope.
  • The Mastermind order the activation of KORTEX.
  • Frank London and Tom Tupper both say the title episode. 
  • KORPS have a new scientist general, Linus Currie. 
  • Two more possible Mastermind hosts are instroduced, Keri Summers and Libi.
  • First mention of Keri's friend Trina.
  • This is the first appearence of Linus Currie, Keri Summers, Preston, Lady J and Mrs King.
  • This episode reveals that Aneisha Jones is Mrs King's neice. This was previously referenced in The Hive .
  • Mr McNab and Zoe are referenced in this episode.