225px-The League Of Mata Hari

The League Of The Mata Hari is the ninth episode of Series 7 .

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Spy handler Frank is honoured and totally bowled over when he's invited to join a top secret order, the League of Mata Hari. But the curious team can't help but probe and their meddling leads them to a criminal conspiracy deep within M.I.9 that includes the leadership. The team risk their careers and their lives to lead the purge of the traitors.


  • Known on CBBC websites and Iplayer as The League Of The Matahari.
  • Several M.I.9 sections suffer budget cuts.
  • Stella Knight is the leader of the league.
  • Almost every head of department was part of the league. 
  • The name of the league is ironic, the real Mata Hari was burned (exposed) because of her recklessness and incompetence.