The Last Stand was the thirteenth episode of Series 7

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The team, Frank, and Stella have gone into hiding as M.I.9 has been taken over by KORPS. As KORPS' plans are nearing completion, the team must act fast. Frank tells them about 'The Heart', a rumoured super computer that controls all of KORPS' networks. They plan to destroy it but the only problem is that it's located at KORPS Central HQ which has never been found. Tom comes up with an idea and the group break back into their base under St. Heart's. Tom reveals that he made a gadget that contains a microchip that contains an anti-virus before they were fired, it will make Keri reject The Mastermind's consciousness if KORPS try to transfer it. It also contains a tracking device, so if Keri gives herself up, KORPS will take her to their HQ, leading to The Heart. Keri accepts, but the team also have far more pressing matters to worry about.


  • The episode originally aired with We Need To Talk About KORTEX, in a one hour special.
  • Kenneth Flatley references the events of Old School , where he refers to becoming Prime Minister.
  • The SKATOMA androids return from The Mayze .
  • This is the third appearce of Mike Stern and the fifth for Hamish Campbell.
  • Mike Stern replaced Linus Currie.
  • The Crime Minister, Mike Stern and Hamish Campbell are arrested. 
  • The Mastermind dies and The Heart is destroyed.