225px-The Fall Of Skul

The Fall Of SKUL is the first episode of Series 6

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The old M.I. High team have graduated and spy handler, Frank London , is on the lookout for a new bunch of intrepid young secret agents to face a global network of evil enemies. Three teenagers who use their unusual talents for dubious purposes are selected. Signing up for spy duties are: super resourceful action man Daniel Morgan , master of disguise Aneisha Jones and tech genius Tom Tupper . In this explosive first episode, the new team embark on their first mission, intercepting the shipment of SKUL's ultimate weapon. The weapon turns out to be a teenage girl called V:9:5:Z:0:E:6 (who later becomes Zoe ), but there is an even deadlier enemy waiting in the wings.


  • The Mastermind makes a reference to Zoe "something belongs to me".
  • Zoe displays her hand to hand combat skills. 
  • The Grand Master is shown trembling in fear as M.I.9 listen to The Mastermind 's message.
  • Frank London tells Mr Flatley that Zoe is his neice and that her old school burnt down.