225px-10 Sad Men

Sad Men is the tenth episode of Series 7 .

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MI9 have acquired a fragmented message from the terror organisation 99p. They are a group that is dedicated to bringing down the world's economy to 99p. The message reveals that the group is going to attack the MI9 Communication Centre and Dan, Aneisha and Keri go to investigate but are attacked by the group. After managing to escape, the team question how 99p managed to find the centre. An external breech is to blame, leading the team to believe that Scraper Associates are at fault, being the only non-MI9 personnel to have access to facilities. Meanwhile at St Hearts, after having many billboards installed, by the same Scraper Associates, Mr Flatley and the students try to come up with an advert to promote their school. 


  • Preston refers to the Occupy Movement. 
  • 99p is possibly a reference to variety stores and 99p stores.