225px-Revenge is Sweet

Revenge Is Sweet is the fourth episode of Series 7 .

Previous: The Man Who Drew Tomorrow .

Next: The Shadow Games .


When government food advisor George Monoblot is sacked after highlighting the dangers of a revolutionary sugar substitute, Cupodium, he seeks retribution and unleashes a virulent form of the substance into the food chain. The team must find the antidote and stop Monoblot before the school and whole country is affected and subsequently destroyed by the final stage of the compound - Rage. 


  • The first episode of the series that doesn't in any way involve KORPS.
  • The mission to steal the antidote is similar to the mission in Mission: Incredible , when the team would have been disavowed if caught. 
  • This episode opened similarly to The Mayze , with someone being dragged onto screen. 
  • During a news report with Monoblot, one of the captions reads "Derren Beige signs book deal," linking it to the previous episode, The Man Who Drew Tomorrow .