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Old School is the seventh episode of Series 6

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Out of sync with the times, an old-school spy infiltrates the Saint Hearts base and hijacks an M.I.9 invention capable of altering technological advances by decades. When she then offers Dan the chance to join the "old school spies" he accepts as he wants to stay with his friends. They have to convince him to change his mind and stop the world from turning into the stone age, but can they do it?


  • Jemima Thursday paraphrases and ridicules the line "The old school spies have had their day."
  • The old school spy fashions match the personality and position of the team member.
    • Dan Morgan: semi formal suit for the field agent.
    • Aneisha Jones: cocktail dress for the Mata Hari.
    • Tom Tupper: three piece suit for the office worker.
    • Zoe: the femme fatale and hand to hand combat expert.
  • Zoe defeats the entire KORPS unit of 10 - 20 agents by herself in hand to hand combat.
  • This episode aired on Valentine's Day.
  • Dan's old school spy outfit resembled James Bond's fashion.