230px-Kerri Summers Field Agent

Keri Summers is an MI High spy and student at Saint Hearts.


  • Gender: Female
  • Eye Colour: Blue
  • Hair Colour: Red
  • Occupation: Spy and student
  • Faction: M.I.9
  • Enemy: KORPS
  • First Appearence: The Mayze
  • Last Appearence: The Last Stand

Biography Edit

Keri Summers is one of the many clones of The Mastermind ; she and another clone Libi (who she sees as her sister). In her first appearence in The Mayze it is found out by Tom Tupper that they are the two ideal hosts of The Mastermind 's consciousness and not Zoe .


  • The code on her arm is J.4.5.K.3.R.1.
  • She has a habit of filming everything.
  • In The Mayze , it's revealed she was bought up in STERNUM labs, before being placed in a foster home.
  • Her best friend is called Trina.

Appearences Edit