225px-Grosse Encounters

Grosse Encounters is the fourth episode of Series 6

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A desperate race occurs for the team when a mysterious fireball crashes in the woods near Saint Hearts. Believing it to be a UFO, the students swamp the site of what turns out to be the MYRA satellite which KORPS are desperate to retreive. The te

am must recover the black box while evading KORPS and circumventing the restrictive Section 10 placed on them by Area 5.1, a rival agency on the verge of being shut down.


  • At least 120 KORPS agents are arrested during the M.I.9 ambushes. 
  • Area 5.1 is a parody of Area 51.
  • The title is a parody of close enounters.
  • Area 5.1 is no longer seen as useful since the end of the Cold War.
  • Roly references E.T.