Frank London is the spy handler for MI High and and caretaker at Saint Hearts. 

Profile Edit

  • Gender: Male
  • Eye Colour: Brown
  • Hair Colour: Brown
  • Occupation: Spy Handler and caretaker
  • Faction: M.I.9
  • Enemy: KORPS
  • First Appearence: The Fall Of SKUL
  • Last Appearence: The Last Stand

Biography Edit

He is an intelligent man who leads the MI High team. He poses as the school caretaker which is why most of the students and staff don't take him seriously and find it hard to believe he went to university. His storeroom is the secret entrance to the M.I.9 base, deep beneath the school. He has his own personal spy gadgets including a signalling device concealed within the handle of his broom, which he uses when in caretaker disguise to contact agents under his care.

He has formed close friendships with his agents, the closest being wih Zoe, who looks to Frank as a father figure. Stella Knight and Frank used to be in a relationship.